Headshot of Ira Levin
    Ira Levin (Credit: Bill Lulow)
Praise for Ira Levin

“Every novel he has ever written has been a marvel of plotting. He is the Swiss watchmaker of the suspense novel.”
        –Stephen King (1981)

He was one of the most inventive and satisfying novelists I've ever read.”
        –John Warner (Chicago Tribune, 2017)

“Long before Don’t Worry Darling, or Jordan Peele’s Get Out, or Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Stepford author Ira Levin used psychological horror to raise unsettling – and still unsettled – questions about our most intimate conflicts...”
        –Tom Deignan (New York Daily News, 2022)

What he did with his stories is brilliant.”
        –Jordan Peele (2017)

“Rosemary’s Baby, The Stepford Wives and Sliver helped popularize the sub-genre of feminist horror. [...] All three books were written by a man: Ira Levin.”
        –Bustle (2018)

Ira Levin might just be one of the most quietly influential figures in the history of horror and science fiction.”
        –Diabolique Magazine (2019)

Mr. Levin has a dark and terrifying imagination.”
        –NOVA Magazine (1967)

There’s an element of humor in everything he’s written.”
        –Kay Raftery (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1976)

I think he wanted his readers to have fun on every page.”
        –Chelsea Cain (2011)