No Time For Sergeants (TV Series)

INTRODUCTION: The impact of rollicking military comedy No Time For Sergeants' success cannot be overstated. Levin's initial one-hour TV adaptation of Mac Hyman's novel begat a full-length Levin-scribed Broadway adaptation, followed by a movie, a TV series, and more. Sergeants' collective impact helped 'bring Country to the masses', engendering all manner of subsequent countrified fare from The Andy Griffith Show to The Beverly Hillbillies. To say nothing of the phalanx of military comedies that also followed in its wake. [“...television’s Gomer Pyle was based on [Sergeants’ lead] Will Stockdale, and even the latter day Forrest Gump borrows from Will’s childlike worldview.” —MoMA Blog]

The ABC network produced a television series based on the property, airing 34 episodes in its single season, which spanned 1964-1965. Gone were the earlier incarnations' top-billed stars, but retained was the work's trademark benign humor.

The title's popularity further engendered a short-lived comic book series and a board game (to our knowledge reserved at the time for only the most widely-recognizable successes).


(Above) Series title screen

(Above) Tie-in comic book (

(Above) No Time For Sergeants board game